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Do you need a residential or commercial roofer in Clinton Township? Roofs are an integral part of any structure but they are also the most exposed to damage from natural elements like the sun, wind, and relentless rain. When time, or unavoidable situations like burrowing animals, takes a toll on your home or property's roof, come to Roof Giant for any type of roof repair in Clinton Township or for a whole new, beautiful roof. People in Clinton Township have been coming to Roof Giant for over 30 years for our experience and excellent work. We are dedicated to ensuring quality construction and replacement of tiles so that the work we lay down over your head will be the best roof you ever had.

With Roof Giant’s inspection, your roof problem could potentially be fixed in mere hours. We can restore faded tiles or slate to its original beauty or easily match broken tiles to avoid having to buy large quantities. Roofers clinton township MI can easily seal and paint over all penetrations or leaks and explain the repair process in clear language so you can fully understand the restoration process. Detecting any roof problems early can also minimize costs by saving the thousands of dollars you may have to spend if a leak or hole is left untreated and causes mold or fungal infestations. Being proactive in roof maintenance will ensure the health and safety of your family or employees. The older version of shingles were made with a base of wood fiber and asphalt but have now evolved into fiberglass reinforced shingles available in countless colors and textures, giving the homeowner many choices, as well as various lengths of warranty for the right custom mix of durability, appearance and affordability.

In addition to the actual tiles or shingles used on your roof, we cover every detail needed to build a high quality roof. Flashings are used wherever something intersects the roof: the most important areas of your roof. Various materials such as sheet metal made out of copper, galvanized steel, or aluminum can be used to protect these areas. Other sealant materials such as lead, Ice and Water shield, and membranes can be incorporated with siding, chimneys, walls, gutter lines, skylights, pipes, and vents. Ice and Water shield is a protective underlayment that is put on over the wood deck prior to any shingles. It is used as an extra layer of protection in areas that are most prone to leaking and ice backup problems. We typically install Ice and Water shield along the eaves, around chimneys, skylights and in all valleys. If your existing flashing is still in good shape, replacement is not necessary although its critical role should never be compromised. Call Roof Giant Clinton Township for a free consultation if you believe your roof needs a repair or if you want to make sure it does not. Asphalt shingles have proven to be the most cost-effective solution to the roofing needs of North American homeowners.

We have many skylight designs to choose from for flat roofs and sloped roofs, functional commercial dome skylights and modern residential skylights. Our Clinton Township skylight technicians will help you choose the right skylight for your individual application. Although knocking a hole in the middle of your ceiling definitely sounds intimidating, it’s definitely worth it. That’s why our highly qualified and experienced contractors here at Roof Giant Clinton Township will do it for you and guarantee the skylight is installed properly, leak-free.

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